EF catalogue

Over the years, Senwan has developed a range of PVC laminates inspired by the exclusive natural properties of wood, providing the impeccable match between style, beauty, comfort and durability. Our laminate designs are inspired by real wood veneers with different designs ranging from classic to contemporary to mystic visuals, embellishing any space with outstanding glamour and grace. 


Stone collection

This collection inspired by stone exudes a timeless elegance, capturing the essence of natural beauty within a durable, modern material. Meticulous craftsmanship replicates the intricate patterns and textures found in various stones, offering a versatile and resilient alternative. Whether emulating the rugged allure of granite or the subtle veining of marble, these designs bring the sophistication of stone into contemporary spaces. These aesthetics can withstand the test of time while providing a versatile option for interior decor; seamlessly marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality, bringing the enduring charm of stone to diverse design applications.

EF91 Chalk

EF92 Beton

EF93 Peitra


Walnut collection

Walnut is a hard, dense, tight-grained timber and polishes to a very smooth finish. It is one of the most commercially valuable species of timber. The color of walnut ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate color in the heartwood. The oven dried, walnut wood tends toward a dull brown color, the air-dried can gravitates towards a rich purplish-brown.  Our walnut series are inspired by the various color properties of walnut. The four colors in our collection captures the attractive color range of walnut at various stages which in themselves, create distinctive styles of their own. 

EF 58 Nocturnal

EF326 Cocoa Walnut

Autumn collection

As summer fades into autumn glory, the season colors transform from bright to soft. Still retaining the energy from summer, the soft autumn colors are a blend of both autumn and summer, a blend of both warm and cool. Our autumn collection features a spectrum of colors of the autumn season, from colors that paint the seasonal transition from summer to autumn, as well as colors that bring you into mid and deep autumn, celebrating the beauty and splendor of autumn.  

EF15 Spring Maple

EF8 Apricot Maple

EF69 Cream Olive

EF73 Grandis Teak

EF38 Cisily Coffee

EF39 Posh Olive

EF21 Sun Kissed Teak

EF70 Winter Lignin

EF71 Classic Olive

EF68 Pommele Elm

Renaissance collection

The Renaissance is a period of cultural and intellectual revolution and transformation that commenced from the 14th century and ended in the 17th century in Europe. This era is also commonly being referred to as the bridge between the Middle Ages and modern European history.  Brilliant minds during the Renaissance era include Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, which are exemplars of the Renaissance man. Senwan’s Renaissance collection features shades from the heritage of the renaissance era with elms as the center of the collection.  Elms are the English name for the Ulmus species of wood. The ancient Romans used to plant elms in vineyards as supports for vines. The Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, in his Amores poetry, characterized the ancient “marriage” between the elm and the vine. Our Renaissance collection resonates second generation vanguard designs that seek to create a white-washed effect of the elm grain. The root inspiration from the pre-Renaissance era drives their design which seamlessly integrate into the renaissance heritage and culture. The designs are simple and the tones are calming. Their addition to your interiors will create a pure and serene feeling. 

EF50 Pearl Elm 

EF56 Marino Wood

EF60 Ivory Elm

EF402 Ash Elm

EF205 Sunrise Elm

EF202 Maple Elm


Oak collection

The oak is a popular ancient Germanic symbol of strength and endurance. The oak tree has been chosen as the national tree of many countries. There are approximately 600 species of oak in the world, over 100 of which are found in Asia. Our Oak collection is inspired by this beautiful and noble wood. This collection is available in five designs, representing an ageless trend, which can be used in vintage, rustic interior design styles, contemporary minimalist and relaxed styles. These colors are also unique in personality.  In addition to complementing the modern interiors, they also have the character to blend into a beautiful sandstone inspired renaissance style. 

EF28 Bare Oak

EF32 Urban Oak

EF55 Charcoal Oak


Contemporary collection

The shades in Senwan’s Contemporary collection are inspired by the avant-garde art movement in the early 20th century, specifically Cubist artwork. The pioneers of this style of art are the likes of Picasso, Delaunay and Braque. This style of art subsequently give roots into other forms of artistic styles such as abstraction etc. The shades in this collection reflect the traditions and footprints of the color choices of the artworks that flourished during this avant-garde art movement. The shades offered in this collection exuberate a sleek, stylish and sensual look. Used in modern interiors, they create a soothing spacious atmosphere and represent expressions of vibrancy, trendiness and tranquility.  

EF19 Almond Silk

EF20 Rustic Grey

EF30 Cocoa Dream

EF302 Cocoa Grey

EF37 Platinum Star

001AE Sand White


Fabric collection

Canvas-inspired designs infuse spaces with a sense of artistic fluidity and contemporary chic. The designs in this collection echo the texture and visual depth of canvas, offering a unique blend of tactile appeal and modern aesthetics. These designs showcase a versatile range, from subtle fabric-like weaves to bold abstract patterns, adding a touch of personalized style to interiors. With the canvas-inspired designs, spaces can embrace a harmonious synthesis of artistry and functionality, elevating the ambiance with a sophisticated and customizable design solution.

EF61 Earthy Canvas

EF62 Beige Canvas

EF63 Cappuccino

EF64 Sand Fabric

EF65 Tapestry


Mystic collection

This collection in deep blacks and dark greys, adorned with shimmering gold dust shades, create a luxurious and captivating aesthetic. The rich contrast between the dark hues and the golden tinted accents adds an opulent touch to interiors, exuding an air of sophistication and modern glamour. The interplay of shadows and highlights on the surface enhances the visual depth, imparting a sense of mystery and refinement. These designs seamlessly merge versatility with decadence, offering a sleek and contemporary option for surfaces that demand both durability and a touch of lavish elegance. The infusion of shimmering gold dust shades elevates the designs, transforming them into statements of timeless allure and opulent style.

EF9 Midnight Black

EF51 Champagne Grey

EF52 Gold Dust Grey