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One-stop solutions provider for residential and commercial construction projects

We offer a one-stop solution for your residential and commercial construction projects, customising the lamination, cut-to-size, edge banding and CNC drilling of furniture panels to be fitted into the interiors of the residential and commercial units. Customers just need to provide us with the panel sizes and surfaces required, edge banding details and CNC drilling details of the various types of kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, shelvings etc required for the residential projects and we can proceed to provide you with a quotation. We have supplied laminated panels, cut-to-size and edge banding (and some including the CNC of hinge cups and furniture connector holes) to condominium projects contractors in Singapore. Please refer to the Project Reference section of our website for more details.

For a discussion of your requirements, contact us @ 6286 3388 or email us at hello@senwangroup.com.

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