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    Panel Cut-to-Size Services

    We offer cut-to-size services to customers who purchase our panel products. We use high tech state of the art capabilities to optimise the cutting requirements of our customers (with minimal offcuts and maximum materials savings). With our high tech precision cutting technology, we are able to cut the panel precise to the millimetre. 

    Contact us with your materials and cutting requirements @ 6286 3388 or email us at hello@senwangroup.com.


      • Top speed cutting technology cuts at a fraction of the time compared to conventional panel saw.

      • Fast turnaround from order placement to job completion.

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      Intelligent cut optimisation

      • Sophisticated computer algorithms for cut optimisation.

      • Eliminates manual sketch up drawings of your cut plans.

      • Efficient planning reduces off-cuts and saves material costs.

      • Guaranteed precision cuts with high tolerances.

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      Turbo grooving

      • Top speed hight precision bi-directional grooving.

      • Saves time and eliminate subsequent production steps.

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